Got a SCAM text and Email A list of recent Pet Care specific online scams received through email by PUPS members.
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Got a SCAM text and Email

by Forum Member » Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:24 pm

I got texted by this number to start with (540) 683-8731 and then got another text from (201) 987-5110. If you go to, you can see if the numbers are legitimate. Neither of these are and I promptly blocked them on my phone. Well, I didn't do that to start and was emailing this person back and forth. Here's the email I got before I realized I might be getting scammed.

Thanks for your swift response, We will be living in Knoxville, TN. I and my family would be coming into town on the 24th of January,let me know when its most convenient for you to start and also my financial Clerk will make out a payment to you before our arrival. You will receive a Certified Check which will include your first week pay $400 and the remaining funds will be used for grocery shopping and other things needed in the house. You will be getting the foodstuffs before our arrival day. Actually our flights from France will arrive at night so you will be getting the foodstuffs in the morning and making all other preparations.

I will also instruct my estate agent to mail the keys of the apartment to you so as to do all other necessary preparations before our arrival. You have to get all this shopping before our arrival so that we wont have to start running around when we arrive, So my financial Clerk would be needing the following information to make out the check payment.

Full Name:
Address :
State :
City :
Zip-code :
Phone number:
Acceptance of offer:
Days and time of work :

With loyalty comes honesty and I need that from you as you need it from me.

You will also have a nice period of time working with my family.

Thank you
Diana Hamilton.

Just an FYI to everyone and I hope this helps!

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