Lilly from Manchester, browsing ads on Craigslist A list of recent Pet Care specific online scams received through email by PUPS members.
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Lilly from Manchester, browsing ads on Craigslist

by Forum Member » Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:16 pm

My name is Lilly from Manchester in New Hampshire,But presently
now in Africa in
on a business trip working with a network company here,I'll be
coming back to the state by next week to spend my 3 month holiday
there in
the state and i'll need someone who will be my household to help me
with some work at home.
I was browing the web today when i saw your ad on Craigslist
staing that you are available as a house hold and i think you
really sound
great and also fit someone i can work with.All i want you to do now is
to get back to me with the specific part you'll be working on as a
household.I'm a really friendly someone because i love having people
beside me.
I want you yo get back to me now with your payment terms and
the spefic amount you'll be recieving per month and the time you'll be
available for the work and also tell me something about yourself cos
i'll love to know more about you.something pertaining to your
personalities and what you do for fun.
Money is not my problem and i need a person to be on
trust with me and who is hard working person,Concerning payment i
will be
paying u through a client of mine over there , i
will intruct him to issue out a Cashiers Cheque or Money Order of
4,900$ When u get it you wil remove ur charges for a month from it and
send back my balance here to my traveling agent through WESTERN UNION
MONEY TRANSFER so that he can book my flight back home okay, So if
u are
okay with that i will need ur full data to issue out the payment

i was
searching on web where i found ur ad available on craigslist
because that
was where i bought my first car when i was 17 years old then and
to contact you since you really fit what am looking for, Hope you
understand all what i said and i will like to hear back from u if
u are
interested in working with me.
full name
full address
phone number

Dear Lilly:

I would like to help you but think that you have the wrong state. I
am locate in [---sitter's state], not New Hampshire. I encourage you to check
out Pet Sitters International ( for a referral in your

Best of luck to you,

Hello ,

How are u doing today?I'm really sorry that i havent been
emailling you since some couple of days due arranging my stuffs to
prepare for my arrival to the state.Please i want you to get me
updated Asap because i really need to be sure if you are ready to
work for me and also about the location where i'll be living,I'm not
living in New Hampshire but i'm only trying to tell you more about
myself that that was where i lived before i travelled.
So i want to assure you that i'll be living in [--- sitter's state] and your
city.Now you need to get back to me with your fullname,address and
phone # because my client will be making the check out by Tuesday
but before the check is made out i really need to hear from you so
that i can be sure and also know how much interest you have in
working for me in my new home.So as soon as you get the check all
you got to do is to deduct the $1500 from it then get the remaining
funds sent to my flight agent via western union and when i get to the
state i'll be paying you up at the end of the month.Please get back
to me Asap and get back to me to get me updated about the room
because i cant just wait to meet you be cause you are a really nice
person.Please get back to me Asap

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