Rev.Pat Phelan, Terri A list of recent Pet Care specific online scams received through email by PUPS members.
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Rev.Pat Phelan, Terri

by Forum Member » Tue Dec 18, 2007 11:29 am

From: Rev.Pat Phelan <rev>
To: [sitter]
Sent: Mon, 19 Nov 2007

Good day to you, I am Rev. Pat Phelan and I will like to know how much you charge to walking my German Shepherd named Terrie weighing 125 pd 2 1/2 yrs. old .

My wife will be coming down with my daughter and I'll need to know the total cost for 1hr. mid-day walking of the German Shepherd for 7weeks commencing from the very 1st day of the 1st week in Dec. when my family would have arrived.

Get back to me now where exactly you're based and I'll appreciate if you can forward me your contact name and address including your direct telephone number where you can easily be reached for easier and faster communication.

Also,let me know your cost for us to conclude and move forward in doing this.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead while awaiting your prompt

Rev. Pat Phelan.


From: Rev. Phelan []
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 8:19 AM

Subject: FEDEX TRACKING NO: 790895680390 for PAYMENT OF $1,050:00 !!!

Hello [sitter],

Greeting of our Lord Jesus Christ to you and this is also saying compliments of the season to you and first of all,I say a big sorry for not getting to read from me all this while,I was away like I told you to West Africa and after settling down to my Missionary work here,I never believe things are so undeveloped here as it very difficult dealings with unbelievers here but God has really being good with the ways my associate Pastors here have handle the mamooth crowd.

That as it may,I was faced with the hardship of getting an Internet connection to the system I was given and it takes the effort of the Church in general before I was accorded one and despite it slowness,I believe it's still better than not been connected at all and I am happy to tell you that things are going on well except for the shocking news I received from my wife some weeks back which delayed their arrival into the United States and I'm confirming that they shall be arriving by month's end precisely on the 29th and you will have to re-scheduled walking Terrie to starting on the 5th of January through February until my arrival in the USA after I might have completed my assignments here in West Africa.

I wish to let you in into what happened maybe at least I'll be forgiving my sins since ave deemed it fit to cough this out to you via the mail and I hope you'll also keep this confidential and find a place too in your heart to forgive me even if at all,I didn't get my priorities right in my decision,I was informed by my wife after 5days that I got here that my only daughter,Lojann was pregnant for a church member,though initially I was shocked and was treated at the clinic here and first time in my life that I have lied that it was due to change in environment and am saved the disgraced when their doctors here consent to it and implore me to be more relaxed and eat only canned foods for my health not knowing that I was hit by this news,I strictly warned my wife and tell her to look for a way of getting rid of the pregnancy without anybody's knowledge and Glory be to God,my wife informed that things went accordingly but for the fact that Lojann,my daughter will have to be placed under an intensive care and watchful eyes of the surgeon for some weeks in order for her to fully recover and am happy to tell you that she's quite well now and my family shall arrive the USA by ending of this month.

Why am having to tell you this is because my heart's being heavy and though av confessed my sins and ask for forgiveness but I need to tell someone in you I've found so that my mind can be cleared and I can move on with situation of things as I've have to send all the money on me here to them for her proper keeps and that of her mum and their is a favor that I'll ask from you and I'll appreciate if you can do this for me.

You were being sent a Certified Cashier Check of $4,500 last week -- being -- by an a donor to the church in the person of ANHEUSER-BUSCH FORD from Houston,TX 77029,USA and you are implored to deposit it for clearance with your bank and deduct the $1,050 being your service charge in advance for walking Terrie and help send the balance via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER in two halves to the below listed names and info :




I am very sorry for any inconvenience(s) that this might have caused you but am resigned to doing this because I don't have any dime left with me at this time and am hoping on you to helping me with this.

You're to also deduct the service charge of the WESTERN UNION TRANSFER from the money and get back to me with the these info :

MTCN NUMBER(which shall be given to you at the western union money location)
RECEIVER'S NAME & LOCATION(as given to you above)

I hope to reading from you as soon as payment arrives with you and this is the FEDEX Tracking number: 790895680390 for the Check,you can look this up yourself and am sure it will arrive today with you.

I await your prompt response while wishing you a wonderful day ahead.

God's blessings continue to be on you.
Rev.Pat Phelan.

[sitter] wrote:

Home address;

Please have your wife contact me so we can meet at her home and I can meet the dog and go over paper work..I prefer that it's in advance of when dog walking begins.. Thank you! And have her let me know what day I need to start..I think you said Dec but not sure when..I assume Dec 3rd since that's the first Mon in Dec.

P.S.-you mentioned you would send a certified money order..and mentioned you are in the United Kingdom..this can be cashed in USA? I've never been to other countries not sure how this work..please make sure that it can be cashed into an American Bank..thank you..

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