Donation Inquiry A list of recent Pet Care specific online scams received through email by PUPS members.
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Donation Inquiry

by Forum Member » Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:28 am

Same scamming group as the bulldog puppy scam.


I am Dr. Christie Darryl ( Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Physiology), I own a
veterinary Service where I practice both exotic and companion animal medicine.

We have recently acquired new medical supplies and a new mobile van and now offering
to donate a pre-used " all purpose" mobile van and the veterinary equipments below.

1 Ultrasound
1 Autoclave

Are you familiar with these? Let me know if these contributions Would be beneficial
to your work?.


Dr. Christie Darryl
D.V.M.,Veterinary Medicine.
Ph.D.,Veterinary Physiology.

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