Here was one of my first.... spent way too much time on it! A list of recent Pet Care specific online scams received through email by PUPS members.
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Here was one of my first.... spent way too much time on it!

by Forum Member » Fri May 27, 2016 1:22 am

Sandra, Hi!

I received a text from your friend Stacy that you were looking for a pet sitter and I wanted to see how I would be able to help you out.

How long have you been in town? What neighborhood did you move into?
I live down 144 in Buckhead.
Where did you move from?
I would love to help you out!

What type of pet care are you interested in? Daily, out of town visits or both?

I have been Pet Sitting for over 7 years and have been through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Pet CPR & First Aid course and few other online classes. I am the only pet sitter within Home Comforts Pets Sitting, this is what I do for a living, but I do have my parents and best friend as backup if something were to happen to me.

My main services are to keep your pets safe, happy and healthy. I come to your house, as many times as you wish (pay per visit), and staying at home makes your pets less nervous, not having to leave his comfortable surroundings and not having to deal with unknown pets around, to make him and you uncomfortable about his safety. Boarding could also make him sick by being around other contagious pets. I believe In Home Pet Sitting is the best option for all pets.

I also provide other services to make your house look like someone is home by: getting mail & newspapers, watering plant, turning lights off & on, opening & closing blinds

One main questions, do you live in Richmond Hill and if so where (neighborhood), I normally don't leave Richmond Hill because the travel fees get to high. But that all depends on your budget. And if your pets require any special needs or medicines.

The best & fastest way to get in touch with me via call or text me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Please if you haven't already take a look at my website and see if you have any questions:

I really look forward to speaking with you,


Sandra Cullen <sandra>
Jan 8

to me
Dear Jill,

My name is Sandra Cullen and my husband's name is Jason. We are easy going, very kind and love to laugh. We need a caregiver for our two dogs Holly and Magic.

Am moving with my husband to your vicinity because he just got promoted and transferred from his place of work, and i wont be able to do some things with my Fur Babies due to the fact that am 6 Months pregnant. Myself and Jason have been married for 6 years and this is going to be our first child and we want everything to move smoothly till i put to bed. Holly is quite big and he is a retriever. We got him from London and he is considered our first child while Magic is a German Shepherd. He is 3 years and some months old, hes friendly and loves to play our second child. We would need you to bath them, brush their coats and take them for walk at least once a week, they are well trained and wont give you any problems. I can manage with their feeding and when ever you come around you can also feed them. we would be happy if you would love them like we do because they are quite adorable and all we care for now.

Our babies will be arriving before us and my husband requests to pay you to secure your service before our arrival as well as for you to get some dog food, shampoo and other things needed for them. You will be working for any two days of your choice for at least 3 hours. Also you will be coming to our apartment to look after the dogs. Where are you located in the city so we can calculate the transportation cost if needed. We will be paying you $350/week and will be waiting to receive further correspondence from you.

Thank you

Jill cope <homecomfortspets>
Jan 8

to Sandra
I would love to try & help y'all out!
Congratulations about the baby! When are you do?

Where are you & Jason moving from? When are y'all moving? Who is he working for?
Where exactly, neighborhood, are you moving to? Richmond Hill, Ga? I live in the Buckhead neighborhood.

Since your dogs are arriving prior to y'all where are they going to stay till y'all arrive? How long will they be here before y'all arrive. When are they arriving?

I also only accept check or cash for payment, how would the payment procedure work?

I always require a Initial Consult prior to my first visit, are y'all going to be in town visiting before the move?

Could you please provide me with your current address and your contact phone number, for my records. I would appreciate it!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sandra Cullen Jan 9
Dear Jill, We did receive your letter. There will definitely be no problem wo...

Jill cope <homecomfortspets>
Jan 9

to Sandra

Fleming is regularly located out of my service area, which is Richmond Hill.

The time it takes to travel to Fleming is about 30mins & are you on Fleming Loop Rd?
Do you know your address?

I'm just concerned about the travel time and the 3 hours work which drive time makes it 4 hours, 2xs a week, along with all of my everyday midday clients.

Would you need the 2 days same each week and at the same time or can it have flexibility?

All the additional errands, buying house equipment? The dogs supplies I don't mind, but what all do you have in mind when talking about house equipment.
( "in order for you to do all other necessary preparations before their arrival. You have to get all this shopping before they arrive so that you won't have to start running around when they arrive") you are wanting me to do for you is going to take a lot more time and gas than the allotted 3 hrs & 60 travel.

Plus you haven't even mentioned how the dogs are arriving how they are getting to apartment and who is going transport them and get them in the apartment.

Another concern is you haven't given me you phone number yet, or where you are moving from as requested in previous email.

I don't want to to think that i'm not interested and I don't take your needs seriously but I am just very concerned.
I have received a request for pet services that were very similar to what you are requesting, it turned out to be a scam.

So if you can understand my concerns, the more detailed information and schedules you can provide me the more comfortable I will be.
I also have Never done anything like this or any pet care services without meeting the parents first during my Required Initial Consultation prior to any service with a person's pet, that they love like their child.

Please understand, this would br something new for me and new is like walking blindfolded through a maze of throrns.

Where are you living now? Are you able to talk on the phone about all of this.

Please provide me with your phone number & current address!

Looking forward to the next correspondence,



Will you send some pics of Magic & Holly that would be great!

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