Bowen Therapy??? very long A list of recent Pet Care specific online scams received through email by PUPS members.
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Bowen Therapy??? very long

by Forum Member » Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:24 am

Check out this email I got. Anybody know about this?

Dear Mark,

Over the past 6 months or so My Great Pyrenees (he's 11 now) had been getting increasingly deaf, which made him anxious. Then, Gene Dobkin, who does a gentle and respectful type of bodywork called Bowen Therapy with dogs, worked on him and after three sessions his hearing is about 80% better -- and he's much more relaxed! Gene wasn't even trying to help with his deafness, he was working on his hips, which are also working much better now. Virginia Hopkins

They're only human. Often dogs' behavioral issues are not primarily due to a lack of obedience or bonding or anything psychological, emotional, or etheric. Sometimes they're just hurting! Besides going to the vet, what can you do?

• There are a couple of last-minute openings for Treat Your Dog, Gene Dobkin's Introductory Canine Therapy Class.
• The one-day course will be Sunday, February 26th in Newbury Park, CA.
• Please call with any questions.
• If you can't make this class, Gene will travel most anywhere to teach a group – for your staff; for your clients; at your facility/retreat.

My name is Jan Naud. I have made a career in various aspects of the animal business for over forty years now, working with wild and exotic animals as well as cats and dogs. In the course of these years I have had the privledge to work with a multitude of people employing many different healing modalities from typical Western medicine, to Eastern medicine, massage, T Touch and many more. I am a certified massage therapist for small animals myself.

Working with Gene Dobkin has taken me to a world beyond any of the other specialties that I have encountered before. He has a "touch" and a way about him that is truly magical, although Gene insists it's practical — and learnable. He understands the anatomy and physiology of both the human and animal body better than anyone I have ever met!His abilty to teach others is outstanding. I have attended many sessions including his introductory Neural Touch seminar and walked away with an amazing amount of information that I had never been exposed to previously. Gene is above all extremely compassionate towards his subjects and has amazing empathy with them.I would unquestionably recommend his work and his educational offerings to anyone, at any level of expertise, because you will walk away with an entirely new outlook on how the body works and heals!

This class has value for dog-lovers at any level of interest. The techniques are favorites of veterinarians, breeders and trainers of champion dogs, as well as concerned owners.

Many people are being recognized these days for their way with dogs. And for good reason — subtle understanding and mastery of the voice, body language, pack mentality, etc. can work wonders. Come and enter the world of core communication through touch. Watch your dogs melt and sigh.

Our Motto:

You're petting your dog anyway —Find out how much more your hands can do

By the way, humans are human too:

The Bowen/Neural Touch technique is one of the most astoundingly effective healing modalities that I've ever come across. My son and I both had sessions with Gene that we considered life-changing, in the sense that longstanding musculoskeletal pain issues were cured, and both of us have had significant changes in our postures. Based on this, I took the beginning class with Gene and could not have been more pleased. The teaching was excellent, the class very enjoyable, and there was lots of opportunity to practice. Gene is a living master of the technique, and completely embodies his teachings in all aspects of his life. If you are considering taking a hands-on therapy course, he is the man to study with. You will come out of the beginning class fully confident in applying the technique to your friends, family, and patients."
Eric B. Robins, MD
Mind/body healing expert
Co-author, Your Hands Can Heal You (Free Press), and The Power of Prana (Sounds True)

U.S. Bowen
Gene Dobkin, Director
951-654-9907 (office)
951-545-2593 (mobile)

U.S. Bowen
Gene Dobkin, Director

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by Forum Member » Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:21 pm

Is it a free class?

I'm always game to practice massaging my pups, and learning the "how-to" ... didn't read through the whole email but maybe you'll learn something. But I wouldn't pay ... Who's sponsoring and/or hosting the event?

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