Microsoft Tech Support Workers calling about errors sent by A list of recent Pet Care specific online scams received through email by PUPS members.
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Microsoft Tech Support Workers calling about errors sent by

by Forum Member » Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:23 pm

Not pet sitter related, but my husband encountered this scam at his office today.

The scam starts when a Microsoft Tech Support professional calls to inform you that your PC has been sending reports to Microsoft about Windows errors your PC is having.

The person on the phone will have you look at a log file that shows alot of errors on your computer. That log file is very normal for all computers - and most errors are not a concern.

The person will also try to get you to install remote control software so they can plant malware. For my husband, they tried to walk him through installing team viewer. Or they will have you surf to a website to download malware directly.

Microsoft and Dell do NOT make these types of calls. They do not care if your computer is having errors. This is a scam. If you ever have any doubt with any call you did not personal prompt, ask the person to create a "case number" and give it to you so you can hang up and call back the company directly to learn more about the case.

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